About The Workshops

The Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland workshops have been created to introduce individuals and groups to the concept of human rights in Scotland.

Whilst particular attention has been given to the educational requirements of secondary school pupils, the workshops are structured in such a way as to generate constructive debate amongst any adult group.

The workshops explore 10 Human Rights, introduced through the individual films of ‘The New Ten Commandments’ documentary project that first screened on BBC Scotland in 2008. Each of the ten films and companion workshops provide a context and an understanding of how Human Rights are relevant in Scotland today.

In a secondary school setting, the workshops are designed mainly for S4/S5/S6 students. A number of the workshops, however, deal with particularly sensitive or challenging subject matters and have been recommended for S6 only. The workshops can easily be integrated into existing subject areas of the Scottish national curriculum for excellence, including, but not limited to; Personal and Social Education, Politics, Modern Studies, Media Studies, English and Philosophy.

The workshops have been designed with young people’s transition into adulthood in mind and often raise issues that participants may not have encountered in their day-to-day lives. Based on University style participant-led small group discussion, the workshops allow individuals to form their own opinions and conclusions as well as preparing them for any future tertiary education.

Each 50 minute workshop has particular learning objectives related to the film’s content that are set out at the beginning of each workshop plan. Whilst participants are encouraged to reach their own conclusions as a result of structured discussions with their peers, workshop leaders and teachers are also supported with detailed notes providing suggested outcomes and lines of enquiry that enable them to lead or direct group discussions as necessary.

The workshop plans include detailed background information and sample answers to participant handouts. The book also includes an appendix with additional information for some of the more challenging topics, as well as providing production notes on the individual films.

Overall Workshop Objectives

- To introduce participants to Human Rights, particularly in relation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

- To introduce participants to Human Rights issues within a Scottish context. The workshops aim to encourage participants to think beyond Human Rights as issues that only affect the global south or developing countries. Instead, the aim is to help participants understand the very real challenges to Human Rights that exist everywhere in the world, including Scotland.

- To help participants understand their own individual Human Rights and the power and importance of standing up for them.

- To encourage participants to take responsibility for their role, and the role of their community, in standing up for the rights of others.

- To introduce participants to university style small group discussion based exercises. This provides both a useful introduction to seminar style learning for those considering pursuing higher education, whilst also enabling participants to form their own opinions about what are often sensitive and difficult issues.

- To introduce and familiarise participants with the concepts of visual and media literacy, and to the role of visual media as a means to communicate the lived realities of human rights.

10 Educational Workshops

The Right to Life
The Right to Freedom of Assembly
The Right to Asylum
The Right to Freedom of Expression
The Right to a Fair Trial
The Right Not to be Tortured
The Right to Liberty
The Right to Privacy
The Right not to be Enslaved
The Right to Freedom of Thought

Learning Through Film:

Human Rights in Scotland