Film Synopsis:

The true stories of women forced to sell their bodies for sex on the city centre streets of Glasgow and behind the closed doors of suburbia. One African woman recounts her experience of being trafficked into the UK and being forced to work as a prostitute. Inter-cut with this moving testimony are the authentic voices of several women who continue to find themselves forced to work on the streets of Glasgow in a desperate effort to feed their drug addiction. Collectively, as women, they share their experiences of modern day slavery.

Workshop Objectives:

To introduce participants to Article 4 of the UDHR.

To introduce participants to modern forms of enslavement, including the trafficking of humans

into forced labour, including the sex industry in the UK.

To encourage open and well thought out participant led discussion on contemporary

understandings of enslavement.

To encourage participants to consider drugs and drug addiction as modern forms of enslavement.

To facilitate a wider understanding of the dangers faced by those in forced labour in the UK.

The Right Not to be Enslaved

Directed by Nick Higgins

  1. *this workshop contains mature themes that if used in a school setting, have been recommended for a S6 audience only.

Watch a short clip from the film

Learning Through Film:

Human Rights in Scotland

Film Menu:
The Right to Life 
The Right to Freedom of Assembly 
The Right to Asylum 
The Right to Freedom of Expression 
The Right to a Fair Trial 
The Right Not to be Tortured 
The Right to Liberty 
The Right to Privacy 
The Right Not to be Enslaved 
The Right to Freedom of Thought


Article 4. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade

shall be prohibited in all their forms.