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Human Rights in Scotland

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We are pleased to present the Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland multi-media pack. This combined book and DVD package is a first of its kind in Scotland, making it possible for schools, community groups and social organisations to deliver a series of 10 workshops, each based on 10 short documentary films dealing with human rights in Scotland.

The aim of the multi-media pack is to expand the education and understanding of human rights in a Scottish context. Glasgow based Lansdowne Productions have worked together with the Scottish Human Rights Commission, The University of Edinburgh and Choose Life to bring you this in depth series of workshops. Each workshop is based around one of the 10 short documentaries that made up the award winning and BBC screened feature project, The New Ten Commandments, originally co-produced with the Scottish Documentary Institute.

You can read more about the workshops and the documentary films here, or purchase the multi-media pack from here.

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The Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland, book and DVD package costs £15 + Postage.

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