‘Really enjoyed the workshop and very thought provoking for the pupils’.

John Cudlipp

Broughton High School. Edinburgh.

Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland is a multi-media education pack specifically designed for use in secondary schools. Currently, Scotland lacks any formal human rights education within its curriculum. Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland attempts to remedy this situation by providing a valuable resource for teachers across a variety of subject areas.

The workshops have been created to be delivered either as a ten-part series or as individual sessions. All workshops have been extensively trialed at Scottish secondary schools, and have been recommended for years S4 to S6, with some particularly challenging workshops being recommended for S6 only.

Workshops are designed to be student led and are based around university style small group discussion exercises with student handouts and assignments included.

Subject areas within which workshops can be delivered include but are not limited to: Personal and Social Education (PSE), Media Studies, Modern Studies, Contemporary Social Studies, Citizenship and Religious and Moral Education.

Teachers are able to introduce the concept of Human Rights to students from a Scottish perspective - with all 10 workshops and films exploring rights in Scotland.

Learning Through Film in Schools

Learning Through Film:

Human Rights in Scotland